Best summer models of wireless headphones in 2021

  We were waiting for it for sooo long and it is finally here - summer 2021! With our favorite season here are the best summer models of wireless headphones in 2021, of course part of the PowerLocus family. What makes our models a great choice for the summer season? What to start with… for example with an abundance of colors. Summer is the mos...
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Even more freedom and opportunities with the new PowerLocus Bluetooth Adapter

Probably most of you have already made your plans for the summer and can no longer wait for the upcoming free time for vacations and summer adventures. We at PowerLocus are ready too, and most importantly, we are ready to give you even more freedom and opportunities with the new PowerLocus Bluetooth Adapter! That's right, you can now enjoy your fav...
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7 top music hits for your workout

It is no surprise that listening to music during workout makes it even more pleasant and rewarding, no matter what sport you choose to practice. Most often, your favourite music for sport is included in your favorite playlist, but today we will add 7 top music hits for your workout that you may have missed. And to be as useful as possible, we will ...
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The new PowerLocus PW4 Smart Watch

Are you looking for a comfortable fitness watch, suitable for everyday adventures and resistant to various conditions? No need to search anymore, because the new smart watch PowerLocus PW4 is already here and is ready to give you everything you need! The new model of PowerLocus smartwatches has an excellent design, useful functionalities and full w...
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The new PowerLocus PW5 Smart Watch

Do you know what is the excellent choice for a personal assistant in a well-planned healthy lifestyle, which, in addition to health, could also take care of your organization and communication? The smartwatch definitely covers 100% of all of the above, and the new PowerLocus PW5 smartwatch makes it with a beautiful sporty-elegant look and flawless ...
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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from PowerLocus

During the month of love and wine, the mood is romantic, with the scent of candles, and the only anxiety comes from the inevitable question "what should I give to him / her?". If you've been asking yourself the same question at least once since the beginning of the month, the following Valentine's Day gift ideas come in handy. Valentine's Day Gift ...
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New Year with new products from PowerLocus

On new years eve, each of us makes their conclusions of the past 365 days and we prepare ourselves a list of brand new goals.That is why there is no surprise that the New Year comes with new products from PowerLocus. We do our best to improve over time and offer our customers maximum satisfaction, following the current trends and needs of each of y...
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Christmas music that inspires

Attention, we are counting down the days left until Christmas! If you still miss your Christmas spirit, we guarantee that at the end of this article you will hear Christmas bells and even hum to the beat. Why? Because we will dedicate the next lines entirely to the Christmas music that inspires! It is true that music breathes life into every holida...
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Musical and Scary Halloween ideas

In the middle of October the warm autumn colours, the scent of warm milk with cinnamon and the taste of roasted pumpkin are all around us. Calm and in a way so quiet, this month hides something quite mystical and scary. Don't be surprised if at the end of the month you start seeing beautiful fairies or zombies in the middle of the day, or you start...
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5 timeless summer songs to take anywhere and anytime with PowerLocus

As much as we don't want to admit it, summer is at its end, and along with it we say goodbye to all the freedom and joy it gives us. Before we get too nostalgic, let us aim your attention to 5 timeless summer songs to take anywhere and anytime with PowerLocus. We won't deny that we drew inspiration for that selection from the world charts of Billbo...
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New product: PowerLocus Bluetooth speaker

You can now share your favorite music with family and friends with our brand new product - the PowerLocus portable Bluetooth speaker! Enjoy together the 5 types of music that are good for productivity and prove to everyone that listening to music during a workout improve the results from it . With the new PowerLocus Bluetooth speaker, you have unli...
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PowerLocus smartwatches

  Say goodbye to your searchfor a high-tech, durable and modern smartwatch., The smartwatches by PowerLocus are already here! Stylish and comfortable, they are ready to give you everything you need from your smartwatch! PowerLocus smartwatches are the perfect match from luxury design, high-quality silicone strap and plenty of super cool specif...
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Summer trends in wireless headphones

Sunny smiles, long days and warm nights… Summer is finally coming, and with it here comes a lot of positive emotions, bunch of new activities and our favourite summer trends in wireless headphones. With this all time favorite season also comes an unwritten rule - it is time for colors, the more, the better! Summer trends in wireless headphones depe...
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How does listening to music during a workout improve the results from it?

We have recently shared with you 5 types of music that are good for your productivity. Today we will talk about another positive effect of it, namely how does listening to music during a workout improves the results from it. It is scientifically proven that in addition to helping us escape from the boredom in the gym or the frightening silence duri...
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PowerLocus history - the idea behind our company

Today we are going to tell you a little bit more about your favorite PowerLocus headphones. We believe that the ones who own a pair will fully agree with each row. And for those of you who have not yet bought a pair of our portable headsets, we strongly recommend that you read the following lines. Who are PowerLocus? PowerLocus is an international ...
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PowerLocus - the perfect gift

Have you ever wondered for hours, even days, what is the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones? Something practical, yet unique and personal. Sounds familiar, right? Our idea for the perfect gift is quite simple - music. Nothing says "I think about you" better than a gift helpful for a quality personal time for favorite hobby or relaxation. ...
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Stay Home with PowerLocus

  Our busy daily life often turns into our routine. The unlimited possibilities that we have in the 21st century makes us forget the sweet taste of the small things all around us, such as spending the day at home. In the world coronavirus pandemic our whole world, plans and day to day life shifted in less than a month. More and more countries ...
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Kids headphones PowerLocus Buddy fun and helpful to your kid

The grown up's world is full of sounds: favorite music, video games, movies, podcasts and a bunch of other productions, flattering our sound receptors. Imagine thе symphony of melodies that accompanies us daily in our spare time, at work, on the road, at home and anywhere. We are grown ups, but still have that blissful feeling when we hear somethin...
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PowerLocus the best girls’ headphones

At PowerLocus we know that ladies highly appreciate good design, trendy colors and practical choices for everyday life. We also know that each of you is one of a kind, colorful and has her own rhythm. This is why we believe that the wide variety of our headphones will give you both a unique musical experience and a sense of perfection anywhere and ...
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5 types of music that are good for productivity

Music has been one of the greatest inventions of all time. Its power and energy can have a huge impact on our emotions and feelings. Music also has a positive effect on our brain . But does music affect our productivity in addition to our feelings? With no doubt we answer YES! The benefits of appropriate style of music in different daily routines s...
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