Haven’t heard of us? Get to know our brand!

Founded by two product designers in 2017, PowerLocus is international brand focused on the development and manufacturing of consumer electronics products.

Created with style and preciseness, every PowerLocus product is designed in a way that every time you are using it, you can feel the finess of our work. Being a brand that always stands out with innovative smart and simple designs, together with unique design outlook of our products is our vision to stay unique. For us, quality is king as well as the satisfaction of our customers, therefore we spend countless hours to maintain products with 1% deffect rate as well as 24/7 customer support.

Why PowerLocus, when the choice is more than wide?

1. We believe that the simplicity in every product hides magic behind using it! We designed PowerLocus with finesse which you will adore every time you have the product in your ears.

2. Yes, our batteries endure longer than the others and we will not let you down during the busy days!

3. Experienced team will handle all your questions and requests and will replace the item at no additional costs for you, if you experience any issues!

4. Yes, do we provide 24/7 customer support