PowerLocus history - the idea behind our company


Today we are going to tell you a little bit more about your favorite PowerLocus headphones. We believe that the ones who own a pair will fully agree with each row. And for those of you who have not yet bought a pair of our portable headsets, we strongly recommend that you read the following lines.

Who are PowerLocus?

PowerLocus is an international brand founded by two product designers in 2017. The company focuses on the development and production of consumer electronics.

Main purpose of the company

PowerLocus branded products are precise and stylish so that they are fully aligned with the modern design and new technological features. Of course, the main goal of the company is to make the headphones not only good looking, but also comfortable for use by both men and women of different ages. The company develops its products in full compliance with the safety criteria for usage, ensuring its customers a unique experience, with excellent results. In PowerLocus, quality and satisfaction took first place. The company is true to its principles, still continuing to evolve in line with innovation and trends. We are proud to share with you that PowerLocus maintains products with 1% defect rate as well as 24/7 customer support.

You may know us through the design

Consumers in the 21st century are more demanding than ever, which motivates even technology companies to be as precise as possible in making their products. That's why PowerLocus offers not only a wide range of different models, but also a variety of colors and shapes. Inspired by the latest trends, our headsets are captivating with both clean models and ones with more distinguished lines. At the same time, PowerLocus manages to keep up with the dynamic daily life of the modern person and draw inspiration from everything consumers do on a daily basis - from sports and work to just chilling out. The design is suitable for any situation. The appearance of the handsets is what makes the company recognizable and preferred on the market, while the variety of its products is suitable for a wide range of users, regardless of their gender or age.

Quality is guaranteed

PowerLocus headsets deliver perfect sound because of their high quality and innovative technology. Each pair of headphones is designed to be as comfortable, lightweight and easy to use as possible. The company offers a variety of in-ear, over-ear and on-ear models that successfully incorporate technologies such as: ANC technology; touch control; Noise-cancelling system, Hi-Fi Stereo. In other words, product quality stands out for its impeccable soundproofing technology, HD stereo sound and easy controls.

Apart from the visual difference, the products stand out with their durability and practicality. The battery of the various models is designed to provide long life and hassle-free use, even during family trips and adventures.

Try one to see for yourself

We know that no matter how much is written, we won't convince you of the quality and uniqueness of the PowerLocus headphones. If you don't believe us now, pick up a pair of PowerLocus headphones from a friend or order one from our site to make a difference and see for yourself. As already mentioned, we are at your disposal 24/7! And if you are still experiencing some questions, keep in mind that we give you a 15 days test period and the right to return or replace the product for free. We stand behind our words and guarantee that we will not disappoint you. However, behind our mission and goals, as well as behind all the applied technologies, you are our biggest inspiration - our satisfied customers! 

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