Kids headphones - important for the first day of school


The new school year is getting closer, and with it comes the great excitement of the first bell for kids and parents.

The first day of school is extremely important and significant for the kids, and we at PoweLocus have an idea how you can make it even more memorable.

Double the excitement of the first day at school with a pair of our kid's headphones - important for the first day of school, and not only. Our kid's models are not only an exclusive accessory for the children, but in fact they are much more than that.

With a pair of PowerLocus kid's headphones, students have a convenient and safe device for their online lessons, educational programs and videos, and why not a company for the journey to and from school.

Safety and security during online lessons

There is no doubt that one of the most important things we try to provide kids with is safety. It is especially important to consider what is secure when it comes to any use of mobile and technological devices by children. Security is also really important in the well known and popular nowadays online lessons and educational programs. With PowerLocus kid's headphones, you guarantee the opportunity for better concentration and in-depth listening. And that's not all.

The PowerLocus kid's headphones have a maximum volume limit, so you can be sure that your children's ears are safe and at the same time can hear everything during online lessons, whether they are at home or on a family trip.

Ergonomic, practical and comfortable

The design of the PowerLocus kid's headphones is also specially adapted for the growing up's, as well as for the needs and preferences of children. For example, the PowerLocus PLED Wireless Kids Bluetooth Headset is foldable and can be carried in any bag or backpack, thanks to the included case. The model also has soft ear cushions and adjustable sides that make it suitable for children of all ages. The additionally reinforced with a metal plate headband provides durability and comfort even with prolonged use, and the earrings with memory foam create a cooling effect.

Easy wireless connection and easy control

Along with all of the above, it is important to note the extremely easy and intuitive control of the kid's headphones - important for the first day of school and not only. A perfect example of this is the kid's PowerLocus P2 headphones. One swipe separates the model from pairing mode, and changing songs and controlling the volume are extremely easy with the buttons on the headphones.

Universal compatibility

PowerLocus kid's headphones are compatible with various devices. Such are the extremely attractive and loved by kids PowerLocus Buddy. The model is an excellent example of how you can use the headset with all devices with AUX or Bluetooth function - including smartphones, computers, tablets, MP3 players and more. The Buddy kid's headphones also have a stable and uninterrupted Bluetooth connection with a range of up to 15 meters! So even during long online lessons, children have the freedom to move around or just share what they are listening to while you are in the other room.

Nowadays, kid's headphones are important for the first day of school and can be an extremely useful helper for children. The variety of models and colors of PowerLocus kid's headphones gives your child the freedom to choose the most appropriate model and color that reflects his own personality and interests. Trust our kid's models for the upcoming online lessons. 

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