Why is good quality headphones a necessity for 2020


We spend a lot of time with our headphones on, whether it will be for listening to music or listening to our favourite podcast or when we are commuting or while in the office. This is why a good pair of headphones is a must in the 21st century. We would like to share with you what is the must have in quality perspective when choosing your headphones in 2020.

  • Design

There are no two opinions that before you dig into the specifics of any electronics first you have to like the way it looks. We completely understand this and for us the design of our products is something we put great effort in. PowerLocus was created by two product designers in 2017 and since then we never stop to work on our design of the products in order to make them better for you. Design is powerful and inspiring and as much ad we believe that the looks of the product must be WOW we also know that design goes beyond visuals. We make our product great looking, but also innovative and easy to use in your daily routine. A necessity for your new headphones in 2020 is good looking design, which will have a great look, but at the same time will make your life easier. For example, a must have, is a built in microphone, simple buttons and wireless and wired option. A great idea is to choose a foldable design if you are on the go very often this will make your commuting easier.

  • Materials matter

Next on our list come the materials. After all wearing your headphones must be comfortable and must give you only pleasure. We know for sure that if your headset is uncomfortable for any reason you will not use it. And no one needs another piece of technology laying around at home.That is why our advice is to look for good quality materials. You should pay attention to what type of foam is used in the earpads, what kind of covering material. As for the IN ear models make sure to choose the right size for your ears. Also there are models that come with different sizes of ear tips. For example, our SportTouch model comes with 3 sizes - S/M/L. Last but not the least the headphones must be light. Check out on the weight of the pair you are choosing and compare it. Make sure the headphones are about 200 grams.

  • Noise cancelling

We know for sure that the active noise cancelling technology is so much better for your ears and we simply love it. By using an active noise cancelling technology in our best models we ensure that you will be able to focus on what you are listening to without turning the volume up to the skys. So whenever you are choosing a new pair consider the technology the headphones are using.

  • Battery life

No use of a dead phone, the same goes for headphones. This is why we are always working on making the battery life on our headphones longer. We have models, like the P3, that will go 26 hrs with single charge. But we know it happens to everyone to forget to charge and that is why each pair of headphones comes with easy to use AUX cord. This will make the battery life of your headphones basically unlimited. So as a conclusion it is a great idea to have wireless headphones with long lasting battery life, but definitely look for the wireless AND wired option as well.

  • Connectivity

The next super important necessity for 2020 in headphones will be their connectivity. You want to make sure the pair that you will be buying is compatible with all devices you will be using your headphones with. The basics that we are advising you to look for is Bluetooth - 5.0 + EDR. This will give you fast wireless connection with your phone. Another great option is to have good wireless range, which will be anything around and above 10 meters.

  • The sound

The great sound is always a must for headphones. In PowerLocus we put great effort into making our headphones and earbuds with perfect sound. And the perfect sound is entirely a matter of personal taste. Some people prefer deep bass sound with emphasis on lower range, others like better the emphasis on bass that results in more lively and dynamic sound. There is a third option that is more balanced with all frequencies being equal. So having this in mind you should choose headphones with the sound you would enjoy the most. If you have no idea what is best for you we have a great option for you. Our P6 headphones have one of the best upgraded dynamic audio speakers systems. It is a technology that adapts with the music genre in order to deliver immersive audio experience and gives you the best balance in the sound. 

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