The new PowerLocus PW5 Smart Watch


Do you know what is the excellent choice for a personal assistant in a well-planned healthy lifestyle, which, in addition to health, could also take care of your organization and communication? The smartwatch definitely covers 100% of all of the above, and the new PowerLocus PW5 smartwatch makes it with a beautiful sporty-elegant look and flawless features.

Design and vision

The PowerLocus PW5 smartwatch has a unique sporty-elegant look, which is suitable for both sports activities and daily tasks, as well as business meetings. Its design is perfect for men and women of different ages, as the strap has a lot of options for fastening.

The new PowerLocus PW5 is made entirely of high quality materials that promise a flawless look even after years of wearing. The fitness watch has a 1.34 inch full touch screen and adjustable brightness for optimal picture. The display also has the option to be customized according to your taste and mood, so that you will never get bored. The reinforced and durable glass screen is ready to withstand daily bumps and falls, and at the same time it is so intuitive that it will light up every time you look at your wrist.


In addition to keeping track of time, with the new PowerLocus PW5 smartwatch you can easily track your heart rate, the number of steps taken per day and the duration and quality of your sleep. All this, makes the watch your faithful partner in a healthier lifestyle. In addition to all of the above, PowerLocus PW5 has 8 sports modes available, with which you can monitor your results, improve them and generally motivate yourself.

Thanks to the IP68 waterproof technology, the model is suitable even for rain walks, and not only! This technology makes the model completely waterproof. This means you can swim or even bathe while the PowerLocus PW5 continues to monitor your heart rate, footsteps and messages.

The model allows you to set various daily alarms and activate the sitting sensors, so that the watch always reminds you to move after you have been sitting for a long time.

In addition to monitoring your health, the new powerLocus PW5 will keep you informed all the time. With it you can receive and read any message from Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc., as well as reject / mute incoming calls. Switching vibrations will always notify you, so you'll never miss an important message during a workout, shopping or walking.

Way of work

The new powerLocus PW5 smartwatch is universally compatible, so you can pair with any iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. It gets easily connected and has a huge wireless range - up to 10 m. The model is equipped with an efficient battery life, so you can wear it for 8-10 days with just one fast magnetic charge in less than an hour!

Pamper yourself with its unique design and take care of your health with its helpful features 24/7. The new PowerLocus PW5 SmartWatch is here and is ready to conquer all you have expected from it.

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