Summer trends in wireless headphones


Sunny smiles, long days and warm nights… Summer is finally coming, and with it here comes a lot of positive emotions, bunch of new activities and our favourite summer trends in wireless headphones. With this all time favorite season also comes an unwritten rule - it is time for colors, the more, the better!

Summer trends in wireless headphones depend on trends for the season as a whole. We know that the summer wardrobe of each of you is much more colorful and favorite. And do you know that we also have a summer "wardrobe"?

With great pleasure today we will introduce you to the summer trends in wireless headphones, which, as you can guess, are above all refreshingly colorful!

  • One of the most trendy colors this season is green. Bold and quite fresh, its various shades can be found in casual clothes, as well as in accessories and shoes. You will also find a green note in our PowerLocus P1. With a wired and wireless function as well as a practical folding design, the P1 in green are both suitable for a walk in the mountains and a great fashion accent for the season, even with a clean sporty look.
  • We may have surprised some of you with the bold green we started with, but we are sure that all of you will agree with the next trend. Pure and classic white. For centuries, white has been recognized as a pure and "light" color, which occupies a place on the catwalk mainly in the spring and summer months. Apart from being beautiful, white is also a favorite because it combines extremely easily and well with all the other summer colors. That's why white accessories are a hit during the hot days, including wireless headphones in this color. Powerlocus offers you several models in combination with white, being a total bestseller when it comes to summer trends in wireless headphones. We offer you a fresh and attractive combination of white with purple; classic black and white or navy flavor with white and blue in PowerLocus 2. Same model offers three more combinations, typically trendy for the summer, combining some of the warmest colors - yellow, orange and red. Each of them can be seen in the design of the PowerLocus P2. Their modern and attractive vision, in combination with these colors definitely puts them on the top of the summer trends in wireless headphones for both men and women of different ages.
  • Of course, the pure white that the PowerLocus P3 can give you is always in fashion. It combines perfectly with all the fresh colors that have been waiting for the summer temperatures to come out of the wardrobe. The design of the P3 makes them suitable for both sports and everyday vision, both in the sea breeze and in urban environment. They are perfectly suitable even for your favorite summer dress or shirt.

However, the summer trends in wireless headphones are far from limited to their color. Think about what summer brings you? You come up with a lot of things, don't you, because the our answer is - diversity and freedom!

Now more than ever you need a pair of in-ear headphones to move, run and enjoy every moment. We combined this pleasure of freedom and adventure spirit with the trendy for the season white color, so we got the formula for a total summer in-ear favorite - PowerLocus PLX3 (white).

All models provide crystal clear sound and a durable battery. They are suitable for sports, travel or just relaxing in your own yard. PowerLocus give you the best summer trends in wireless headphones, fresh colors, comfortable and easy usage and most of all - a bunch of colorful mood! 

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