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 Our busy daily life often turns into our routine. The unlimited possibilities that we have in the 21st century makes us forget the sweet taste of the small things all around us, such as spending the day at home. In the world coronavirus pandemic our whole world, plans and day to day life shifted in less than a month. More and more countries are in lockdown and the recommendations are for social distancing.We know this might be challenging for most of us.

Yet there are so many activities to be done at home that could make our day. Sometimes the best therapy is right here - at home.

Listen to music

And not just some radio or the usual playlist. Play some favorite band or song that brings you good memories. Put on your PowerLocus P3 and get a full music recharge with HD Stereo quality and bass. Dive into emotions, let them conquer you, and get to know the power of music. Allow it to transfer you to a favorite place and evoke positive emotions. Sometimes even you can give in into your fears and bad emotions. Try to embrace them, do not fight them.

Chill your mind with meditation

All you need for this purpose is a quiet corner at home, appropriate playlist and inner peace. It is normal in situations like this to feel a little anxious. This is where meditation comes to the rescue. With the MoonFly - Active Noise Cancelling wireless noise-canceling headphones, you can easily and quickly get in the middle of peace. We recommend Tibetan sounds as proven in so-called anti stress therapy, as well as any type of soothing tunes. You can find one example right here. Get comfortable, relax and let PowerLocus take you to new worlds.

Get some work done, from the comfort of your own living room. 

The state of emergency and the recommendation for self-isolation necessitated a major reorganization of the workflow of many companies. Although the reason is not pleasant, we know that this set up is sometimes the most productive atmosphere.At home with the PowerLocus P4, you can easily have your scheduled business calls. With a durable battery, crystal sound, no unnecessary cables and no noise.. And the fact that you can make any business calls wearing your pajamas adds a pinch of sweetness to the working process as a whole.

Learn something new. 

You will be surprised to know how much you can learn at home even for a day. Just a click away, you'll find a podcast or educational video for just about anything. From cooking lessons to foreign language courses. All you need is a steady headset like the PowerLocus Ptouch to give you reliability and comfort.

There are also a number of educational programs for homeschoolers, and a lot of them are making their sources free now.. It will be fun and entertaining for the little ones to learn something new, and we have prepared PowerLocusBudddy for this purpose. With just a pair of headsets or two, you can tour the world and learn its secrets.

Home workouts are not just a myth. 

The gym is not the only place for quality training. One of the privileges of the Internet is the amount of information it offers. Right there you will find so many different training ideas. Some are easier, others are advanced but all suitable for home practice. With a pair of comfy, wireless in-ear headphones like the PowerLocus PLX2, and a playlist made up by yourself, you can easily keep in shape at home. If you also have a pair of weights or a litter, the results are certain.

Spending time at home can be anything but boring. Although it is compulsory at this time, we know that we can do it pleasantly. We reminded you just a few things to do at your place with a pair of headphones in hand. But there are so much more. Decorate, paint, make some art, arrange your wardrobe, make some cookies, do a workout. With the right music, vibe and a pinch of imagination you can do everything just in the middle of your living room.

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