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Our modern lives are always on speed, we are running between daily tasks, offices and jobs. We all are trying to have a satisfying private life and fulfill our family goals as well. We know it is hard to keep the balance and it all can be really devastating. We often lose our path and find ourselves tired, unhappy and drained. This is why we have come up with few tips of how to keep the balance in your days.

Find out what makes you happy

Usually when we are at the moment that we are really unhappy or tired in our daily lives we have gone on that path for a very long time. Days, months and years. We are sure that everyone of us have been there. Younger or older. Single or in relationship. Kids or no kids. Perfect job or no job at all. We all have had that tough period in our lives. So in order to overcome it faster we suggest that you find your happy island. This can be your profession or your family. We have a great example in our blog with Nina who loves her job. But it can be as simple as a new hobby or a new friendship. Look for the things that put a smile on your face and focus on them. Start doing everything that makes you happy and stop the negative emotions. Say "No" to people and activities that take you out of your happy island. It is easier than it sounds once you start doing it.

Ask yourself and important question

We all fall in that devastating and unbearable hard moments. We are angry or sad, we feel unhappy and alone. First of all thing what was the reason to be at that place. Usually you van put your finger very easy on a certain person, situation or a moment that took you there. So once you have the reason ask yourself "Will it all matter in 5 or even 10 years?" Will this situation that made me sad have any significant importance in my life in 5 years. The same goes for all the things that get us angry or upset. Usually the answer is "Nо". So if this is the case with a certain situation or person it is easier to let go and continue.

Do sports

Being active and doing sports has proven to lower down stress segnificantly. When you are stressed or you are having hard time give yourself a moment to take the first two steps on the list. If you have done them already we are sure this is just temporary and what you can do to feel a relief right away is sport. Whether you enjoy running in the park or cycling with your family. Stop what you are doing and go do your activity. It is best if it is outdoors. But fitness is also great or a group activity as yoga and pilates. At PowerLocus supports active lifes and sports. This is why we decided we want to give away two of our great sports headsets to SportTouch to one of the coming up cycling events in Bulgaria - XCO Uzana 2019. It will be held this weekend and two of the fastest people will grab our headsets as a price.

Listen to music

We all respond to music in a universal way. All the recent studies show that listening to music affects all of us in a positive way. We only have to listen to the music we love and our brains and bodies will respond immediately. Take that time in your day to put on some great pair of headphones and listen to your favorite band. But really listen. Do just this - listen and enjoy! It can be on your way to work, it can be before going to bed or while running in the morning. In our blog you can check out some great effects of listening to music and how music helps your brain.

Enjoy your activities to their fullest

The best recipe for staying positive and happy is to enjoy everything you do in your life. We know that everyday life can very easily become a routine. This is when we stop paying attention. First to the actions we take, then to ourself - the way we feel. We stop taking the time to pay attention to our loved ones and then everything falls apart. So our advice is to be present. Watch, listen, feel, enjoy. Take the time to enjoy everything you do. Even if it is routine or not so loved activity. There is a charm in washing the dishes, walking the dog, vacuuming. You just have to be present, take your time and think about exactly what you are doing. In order to be able to do that may be you will have to cut down your activities and responsibilities, maybe you will have to delegate and ask for help. The idea is at the end of the day to have done fewer things but with less stress and with more joy and dedication.

So at the end we promote the idea to do less but be present more. Add sports in your life. Add music to your life. with your great pair of PowerLocus headphones and enjoy your day! Be active and stay positive!
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