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At PowerLocus we know that ladies highly appreciate good design, trendy colors and practical choices for everyday life. We also know that each of you is one of a kind, colorful and has her own rhythm. This is why we believe that the wide variety of our headphones will give you both a unique musical experience and a sense of perfection anywhere and anytime.

With a modern and beautiful look, the PowerLocus P2 is the perfect choice for the dynamic urban girls. The handsets have a catchy design and are available in several trendy colors. In a delicate combination of white and purple, stylish rose gold or the classic black & white combination, PowerLocus P2 guarantees perfect sound as well as durability through all seasons. The variety of colors allows different combinations for all hard to please ladies. The headphones are a great accessory with both a sportswear or a casual outfit. Undoubtedly PowerLocus P2 offers the best sound with a unique look.

We also have something to offer to the ladies who prefer cleaner lines. The PowerLocus P1 headphones will make you fall in love with their sophisticated look, in your favorite classic or rose gold. They go perfectly with the dynamic daily life of modern ladies. The headphones are foldable, have a convenient and practical case and are easy to pack in a handbag. The PowerLocus P1 is compatible with all Bluetooth devices.What is more, they have the option of connecting with a 3.5mm cable. The convenient design will allow you to enjoy your favorite music anywhere, anytime.

Impress at your workplace with style by choosing PowerLocus P3. The handsets have a luxurious look, combined with attractive design. They are available in several classic colors, such as white, rose gold, and for the bolder ladies - a combination of black and red. PowerLocus P3 guarantees HD stereo and unique bass. For maximum comfort, the headphones are provided with unusual yet symmetrically located buttons to control your musical desires.

Simple and just great, the PowerLocus P6 are practical and foldable so they can fit even in the smallest bag. The headset has an automatic connection function that smartly finds the last connected device. The special UV coating of the headphones brings an extraordinary feeling when it's touched, and the design contributes to an endless comfort. What is more, their silver version would even fit with your jewelry.

For the most hard to please ladies, we created the beautiful PowerLocus Ptouch. With Ptouch, adjusting the volume and changing the songs only takes the sweep of your thumb. The headset is innovative and offers Hi-Fi stereo sound. Perfect choice for any lady who loves new technologies. PowerLocus Ptouch will impress even the biggest critic of good music.

We are sure that some of you, ladies, will choose our in ear models. Each one of you can decide which model and color fits best her l everyday routine and style. And no matter which headset you choose, be sure that with PowerLocus all choices are right. Each model will provide you with impeccable sound quality and convenience, and you will certainly not go unnoticed. 

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