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 Say goodbye to your searchfor a high-tech, durable and modern smartwatch., The smartwatches by PowerLocus are already here! Stylish and comfortable, they are ready to give you everything you need from your smartwatch!

PowerLocus smartwatches are the perfect match from luxury design, high-quality silicone strap and plenty of super cool specifications.

Colorful and intuitive, the 1.3-inch touchscreen display activates whenever you look at your watch and gives you access to all the notifications you receive on your phone. From incoming calls and emails to full access to your phone's camera and music player.

Built-in sensors accurately measure your steps, and can also provide a detailed analysis of your sleep, including deep sleep, light sleep, and its duration. PowerLocus smartwatches are also waterproof, not only when bathing but up to 30 meters diving. They are suitable for any sport, such as jogging, cycling, and even hiking. They monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure and other vital indicators. All this makes PowerLocus smartwatchesextremely helpful in monitoring and improving your overall health. What could be more convenient than monitoring your performance in every daily routine, either it is a sport activity or just relaxing? And what's even better is that the sporty-elegant look of the watches makes them suitable both for sports activities and for daily combination with all your favorite looks.

We value your time and responsibilities, so we assure you that PowerLocus smartwatches are extremely energy efficient. They will guarantee you up to 8 days of battery life and fast magnetic charging in less than 2 hours!

For her

The extremely beautiful PowerLocus Smart Watch - Fitness Tracker in soft pink can give the modern woman everything she needs in her daily life. An activity partner, a personal sports "coach" to monitor your results and an assistant to remind you of tasks and messages.

PowerLocus smartwatches are also available in stylish black. It is suitable for more classic tastes of the ladies and is compatible with all colorful sports outfits and accessories a woman could have.

For him

PowerLocus Smart Watch - Fitness Tracker in red and blue are ready to provide all gentlemen with endurance and accuracy, even in heavy sports. All of our 8 sports modes, perfectly will track what you do and will help you improve your performance in the gym.

PowerLocus Smart Watch - Fitness Tracker in gray, combines ultra-light and premium materials with a 1.4-inch rectangular display. The watch also combines perfectly even with an elegant vision of the modern businessman, accurate both in sports and in workshops or seminars.

For all of you - modern and dynamic people of the new time!

PowerLocus smartwatches are suitable for all of you. The color of the strap and the personalization of the display background are of your choice, as the convenience and practicality - they are our goals! So don't hesitate and trust PowerLocus smartwatches to make your daily life more organized and healthy.

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