New Year with new products from PowerLocus


On new years eve, each of us makes their conclusions of the past 365 days and we prepare ourselves a list of brand new goals.That is why there is no surprise that the New Year comes with new products from PowerLocus.

We do our best to improve over time and offer our customers maximum satisfaction, following the current trends and needs of each of you. That's why with the new year PowerLocus comes with two new products, which are hard to resist.

We give you two different products, fully compliant with your daily life on the one hand and with your free time on the other. You got interested already, didn't you? Without anymore talking, we go directly to the main characters of this article- Car phone stand - Louise & Mann with QI wireless charger + 3.0 USB charger and PowerLocus Solar Charger.

  1. Car phone stand - Louise & Mann with QI wireless charger + 3.0 USB charger is a helpful idea for your everyday life. The phone stand can be easily placed on the dashboard of any car, using a vacuum stand or on the fans of your car, via a rubber adapter. What's special about it is that while you use it to navigate with your phone's GPS, the stand will charge your battery with its wireless charger! That's right, you get a stable phone stand equipped with a wireless charger DriveOne.

The DriveOne wireless charger has a luxurious look with eco-leather cover and rubberized sides. It is universal and has an adjustable base that fits almost all phone models and can easily charge them even through cases with a thickness of 2-3 mm.

The special technology that the phone stand is equipped with, even detects the optimal charging speed of your phone to supply it with energy safely. And there is more! DriveOne is equipped with a sensor that opens the holders each time you place your phone in front of the stand. Once the device detects that your phone is in front of it, the sensor opens the holders, and once the device is closed, you can release it just by pressing the side button.

PowerLocus Solar Charger is our second new product, mainly for your free time. We know that many of you like to spend time hiking in the mountains or near a beautiful beach for example. Exactly for those of you, the new year begins with a new product that will provide a fully charged battery of your phone for a whole photo shoot of the surrounding nature or for an urgent conversation. Meet the practical and lightweight external solar charger for mobile devices! PowerLocus solar power bank is equipped with super efficient 6W solar panels, which in a completely environmentally friendly way can supply your phone with energy directly from the sun. With 4 folding and portable solar panels, our solar power bank is a great accessory for camping, hiking, traveling and all outdoor activities.

The solar charger offers universal compatibility via two outputs, with which you can simultaneously charge the battery of your phone, tablet, Nintendo Switch or MP3 / MP4. Still what makes the PowerLocus solar charger so unique? Unlike other solar mobile phone chargers, it charges 6 times faster and would maintain the battery level of your devices anywhere. Specifically, the battery capacity is 12000mAh - enough to charge your mobile device with a battery at least 3 times. Our solar charger is easily portable and can be stored quite safely even in your pocket. Specially designed for extreme conditions, the device is resistant to water, shock and dust. It is also equipped with protection against overcharging, overheating, overvoltage, so the charger will not damage your device over time.

For us, the new year begins with new products. So set yourself new goals, travel, do sports and don't forget to take time for walks through nature. Our car phone stand - Louise & Mann with QI wireless charger + 3.0 USB charger and PowerLocus Solar Charger are now available for new adventures! 

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