Musical and Scary Halloween ideas


In the middle of October the warm autumn colours, the scent of warm milk with cinnamon and the taste of roasted pumpkin are all around us. Calm and in a way so quiet, this month hides something quite mystical and scary. Don't be surprised if at the end of the month you start seeing beautiful fairies or zombies in the middle of the day, or you start feeling that you are in a scary movie. Are you ready for ... Halloween?

We at PowerLocus love this day. We accept it as a way to set free our imagination and immerse ourselves for a day in the world of fairy tales, fantasies and mysteries.

We are also ready with some ideas for musical and scary Halloween, which we know you can't wait to hear.

That is why we have prepared a three-step checklist for you, just to guarantee you a ghostly and spectacular holiday.

The power of sound effects

We intentionally do not start with the choice of costume, as this is something we are sure you will definitely take seriously. However, something that is underestimated are the sound effects. To recreate a real and scary Halloween, in addition to visually, it is good to prepare musically. For example, if you are organizing a party for the occasion, the PowerLocus Portable Bluetooth Speaker could help a lot. Compact, wireless, with a battery life of up to 15 hours, the speaker can very easily be hidden and stay completely unnoticed. You can connect it to any device - iOS, Android, Windows or Mac, and it can play ghostly sounds with impeccable quality, as if real ghosts are attending the party.


Element of preparation for the holiday with high importance. Here we can not miss the opportunity to present you an idea inspired by our children's headphones PowerLocus Buddy. We have recently introduced them to you, and today we give you a whole new side of them - an addition to the costume of a fairy or Sonic, for example. In pink and blue, they would fit these two characters without any doubt. And if you do not know who Sonic is, we recommend you to consult yourselves with the nearest child. For the grown audience, PowerLocus wireless headphones are available in a bunch of colors to suit all characters, villains, zombies and much more.

Good mood

Last but not the least on our checklist. Without a good mood, any holiday would be lost, and a realy scary Halloween needs even more. Make sure you are absolutely positive and fearless so that you can enjoy the holiday to the fullest. If you still can't adjust to the upcoming spooky day, we at PowerLocus are ready to help. Put on your favorite pair of wireless headphones from our on ear, in ear or over ear models and enjoy the eternal "ghost hits" like that of Michael Jackson - Thriller or Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters. All our models are equipped with HD stereo and great bass, which in combination with these musical suggestions will undoubtedly immerse you in the magic of Halloween.

Well, these are our effective three-step ideas for musical and scary Halloween. Don't waste any time and play right away the soundtrack from your favorite scary movie with your favorite PowerLocus model. And don't forget, be prepared for trick or treat. 

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