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The grown up's world is full of sounds: favorite music, video games, movies, podcasts and a bunch of other productions, flattering our sound receptors.

Imagine thе symphony of melodies that accompanies us daily in our spare time, at work, on the road, at home and anywhere. We are grown ups, but still have that blissful feeling when we hear something we love.

Now imagine when even though our busy daily routine we can capture the beauty of music, how it can touch the pure and sincere child's mind. Music can touch the grown ups, but it's much more powerful when it comes to a child's imagination and dreams.

Kids of all ages adore music. It's all around them, every favorite movie or game is full of songs that children have the superpower to remember instantly and often sing along.

Music is a work of art that kids can learn a lot from it Do not underestimate the charge and power of children's songs and the way they affect children's consciousness.

We at PoweLocus understand this perfectly. And because we are aware of the importance of music to the youngest, we have something extremely suitable for them. Something more. We know how to give them all the music in the world in a safe, practical and convenient way, for both children and their parents!

We are proud to give a musical adventure to the youngsters. Do it with PowerLocus Buddy!

Not only is the PowerLocus Buddy headset irresistibly cute, but it also has everything you need to provide the little musicians with a unique feeling, followed by 100% safety and convenience.

  • The PowerLocus Buddy design is specially made for the younger and gentle ears of kids. Ergonomic, lightweight, with velvety soft cushions, the headset is suitable for girls and boys, from young children to teenagers.
  • PowerLocus Buddy are compatible with all Bluetooth devices. No matter whether it is from a phone, tablet or TV, kids can enjoy crystal sound within a radius of up to 15 meters from the connected device.
  • The headset guarantees crystal sound in both bass and high tones, including telephone calls. At the same time, they are provided with something extremely important for all the kids. PowerLocus Buddy's volume is specifically limited in order to protect children's hearing!
  • Long battery could come as a great help for all the long family trips, lazy days, or at least two episodes of that favorite animation.
  • In addition to the irresistible and catchy ears in blue or pink, the PowerLocus Buddy headphones have built-in led lights. They can be turned on and off whenever you want. Combining that with the cute ears we've mentioned, they definitely won't stay unnoticed.

PowerLocus Buddy are favorite of toddlers and teens, primarily because of its extremely attractive look. Their convenience and durability make them an integral part of everyday musical adventures. And while your children enjoy games and hobbies under joyful sounds, you dear parents can be sure of their safety. With PowerLocus Buddy you give not just a headset, but a opportunity for countless smiles and dances. PowerLocus Buddy opens the door to a unique musical journey, anytime and anywhere. 

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