Interview with Snezana


Can you tell us a bit more about yourself. What do you do on a regular day?

My day starts with coffee and breakfast, goes on with a trip to the office. I spend my whole day at work where it is quite noisy in 90% of the time but my job requires quietness and concentration. Then my day continues with a trip home and immediately after that I run the nearby stadium. At the end of the day I have dinner and read a book.

What do you do?

I work in the marketing field. I love my job and I recently started working for a new brand. This brand is so close to my beliefs and principles. I have never expected to do my job with such a pleasure. Most of the times my tasks need silence and I'm used to listening to music while working.

Which PowerLocus headphones are you using and for how long do you have them?

I have been using PowerLocus P2 Wireless for a long time now, probably for 5-6 months now. They are always with me when I go to do sports. They are comfortable during running, as well as in the gym. They connect super fast with my phone, it's very easy and I have never had any kind of problems with them. I love listening to funny stories while I am doing sports.

How do you find them compared to other headphones in the same price range?

I have no experience with headphones of the same class. I think the P2 have an excellent price/quality ratio. In my opinion these headphones are for people with smaller heads and ears, because they do not cover mine completely. They are really comfortable and are not too tight, my head and ears do not hurt after using them. They fold and fit in most of my purses.

And what do you think of the the sound quality?

I am really pleased with the sound. The P2 are excellent headphones for everyday life. They are not the best solution for handsfree set for your phone, but are great for listening to music. They have stable and strong feel.

Share with us the perfect day for you with a super headset like PowerLocus.

The P2 model is perfect for sports or if you like to listen to music in the office. The battery lasts forever. I was super impressed with the fact that the headset has radio and micro sd memory card space. And this means you do not even need a phone to use them.

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