How music helps your brain


 How music helps your brain

There is one activity on the planet that can make you feel good and happy. This activity makes you smarter and more productive at any age. It is easy to do and pleasurable. Yeah, such thing exists and it is listening to music.

Latest studies show that all people around the world respond to music in a universal way. Our brains are affected by music and nowadays is it more clear than ever that listening to music affects all of us in a positive way. Now let's check out some great effects of listening to music:

  • Listening to music improves your mood

This is simple work of the chemicals cocktail that is mixed in our brain while listening to music. Listening to music helps your body synthesize dopamine and lowers the stress hormone - cortisol. Dopamine is the same chemical that is realized when we are eating chocolate, having orgazam or doing drugs. So listening to music makes us feel good instantly. It is even proven that when we hear our favourite song there is a new small dopamine boost in our heads. Listening to music makes you feel happy, makes you feel more powerful and excited. "Sad" music is also believed to be important for improving your mood when going through a hard time in your life. Sad music validates your feelings and this helps you cope faster with the problems you have.

  • Music makes you more creative

Since creativity is believed to be critical for the future professions we suggest you start listening to music right now. Upbeat music is the best for your creativity. When we listen to music that we ourselves label as "happy" our creativity goes up, a study shows. If we listen to music while working we will be able to come up with more creative solutions and greater number of ideas compared to those who do not listen to music. The best way to listen to music at your workplace would be with headphones in order not to disturb others. Our recommendation for your "office headphones" is The P2 Bluetooth over ear headphones. The over-ear headphones will isolate you from the side office noise. Also The P2 Bluetooth over ear headphones the are foldable and stretchable, so they can fit perfectly almost any size head.

  • Music makes you smarter and helps you learn

Studying music is one easy and unique way to help the youngsters learn easier and develop better. It is known that kids who have any musical backgrounds do better in subject like language, math and in even in reading. Music also develops the fine motor skills, which are very important in the early stage of development of kids. When children are thought music we see small increase in their IQ, improved test scores and increased brain connectivity. Even just listening to music (not learning an instrument or singing) increases blood flow in the left hemisphere of the brain. So let the youngsters listen to music all they want. Let them experiment with styles, rhythms and bands, so they can find their "happy" music.

  • Music can help athletes to push their boundaries further

Exercising with music helps our brain to push our boundaries further. When our body realizes it is tired after a certain point of a training it sends signals to our brain in order to stop for a break. When we listen to music, while training our brains attention is focused on the music and this can help us overcome those signals without even realizing. That will keep us going longer. Music also will help athletes to use their energy more effective. So in order to become better runner or a cyclist start listening to music during your workouts. The best way to do it is with the unique Sporttouch in ear wireless headphones for sport.. Sporttouch have noise cancelling technology in combination with upgraded speaker, they are ultra light and have unique design. Once tried, SportTouch will become beloved part of your music and working out experience.

So at the end comes the question - what kind of music should we listen to?

And the answer is simple. All kinds of music that gives you pleasure and joy.

Scientists can now see that music affects each person's brain differently. And it is proven that listening to music that we like will increase blood flow to the brain and brain connectivity more than listening to music you don't like.

So put on your favourite playlist, put on a great pair of PowerLocus headphones and enjoy your day!
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