How does wireless headphones connect


Wireless headphones have completely eliminated the inconvenience of annoying cables, which are often tangled, interfering and thus can reduce the very pleasure of our favorite music.

However, for their proper use, it is important to specify some things that you will find in the following lines and that can help you in choosing and using your future pair of wireless headphones.

The first thing you need to know is how to connect wireless headphones.

To play your favorite music, watch a movie, or even chat with headphones of this type, you need to have a device equipped with Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology is what allows us to wirelessly pair devices within a certain radius. That's why the most important thing when connecting to bluetooth is to make sure that you have turned it on to your favorite pair of wireless headphones, as well as to your phone or tablet, for example. PowerLocus wireless headphone models, for example, enter bluetooth mode automatically as soon as they are launched, making the process even easier. All you have to do is make sure that bluetooth is turned on on your mobile device as well, then select pairing with your wireless PowerLocus headphones from the settings menu.

Second, but also important, is the difference between the types of wireless headphones. As you can see in PowerLocus' portfolio, wireless headphones are:

  • In-ear type - these models are small, almost invisible "ear plugs" that are placed in the ear itself. This type of models have a special ergonomic design that fits the shape of the different ears. Some models have an additional earplug, the purpose of which is the trouble-free use of the headphones, sparing the ear even when worn for a long time. Just like our PowerLocus PLX3.
  • Over-ear type - bigger models that are placed on the ears. Models of this type envelop the entire ear, thus isolating external noise. You can notice this not only with our MoonFly - Active Noise Canceling headphones, but also with all our models of this type. PowerLocus over-ear models are equipped with soft cushions so as to spare your ears as much as possible and to "fit" well on any shape.
  • Sports headphones - different sports suggest the convenience of the advantages of the different models of wireless headphones. For example, for jogging some people prefer our over-ear models, and for sports that require more physical strength - our in-ear models. But one thing is for sure - when it comes to sports, PowerLocus wireless models are true champions. Comfortable, egronomic and durable - they are suitable for all kinds of sports activities.
  • Children's headphones - this type of wireless headphone models are the most precisely made, both from a technological point of view and from a design point of view. This is because of the specific needs of children and the desire of PowerLocus to provide them with everything they need, but in a safe and proven way. That's why our PowerLocus kid's headphones have a safe maximum volume - 85DB, just like Wireless Bluetooth Children's Headphones, Louise & Mann 3. The design of the children's headphones is also ergonomic, as well it is specially designed for kids and this is fully proven by the cute ears of the Buddy model.

Once we have specified how the wireless headphones are connected and what types of wireless headphones exist, we leave in your hands the choice of the most convenient model for you. 

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