How does listening to music during a workout improve the results from it?


We have recently shared with you 5 types of music that are good for your productivity. Today we will talk about another positive effect of it, namely how does listening to music during a workout improves the results from it.

It is scientifically proven that in addition to helping us escape from the boredom in the gym or the frightening silence during outdoor jogging, music does so much more.

  1. Reduces the feeling of fatigue - Under the sounds of a favorite rhythmic song, fatigue could be avoided. Rhythmic music creates a sense of consistency and thus makes us subconsciously follow the beat and move at its. This could be extremely useful for cycling, jogng, and any type of training with intense movements.
  2. Raises the good mood - It is also scientifically proven that music can lead to mood swings. A similar psychological effect affects the level of our hormones. This means that listening to music that we consider pleasant reflects in higher levels of serotonin and thus automatically improves our mood from the overall workout and helps its performance and results.
  3. Reduces the feeling of pain - Every regularly training person knows that exercise could bring pain in addition to fatigue. Muscle cramps, stiffness, or stretching. Sometimes the thought of such pain stops us from developing our full capacity during a workout. With music, this feeling can be "turned off". It turns out that our favorite playlist has the superpower to "distract" us and make us forget about physical pain.

Of course, in order to get the most out of music, we need to provide comfortable and safe headphones. Unless we train by ourselves at home, among other people we all do so with wireless headphones compatible with our mobile device.

We at PowerLocus have a few suggestions that will definitely help you find out how does listening to music during a workout improves the results from it.

When it comes to sports, especially with weights and loading all body parts, we recommend in-ear models. In addition to crystal clear sound and compatibility with all mobile devices, PowerLocus in-ear models provide freedom of movement, security and safety. An absolute favorite in this category are PFIT Bluetooth headphones for sport. Lightweight, waterproof and stable to wear, they are suitable for all sports, both indoors and outdoors.

Another good choice could be Sport Touch. They can give you the same freedom and security, with a modern design, touch button and adjustable size.

All over-ear PowerLocus models are suitable for jogging fans. We have a wide selection of colors and shapes, so it's up to you to choose the most suitable for yourself and enjoy the morning jog with nice music.

With all PowerLocus models, you'll be able to understand how listening to music during a workout improves the results from it. All models will provide you with crystal clear sound and comfort, based on your personal preferences.

And no matter which one you choose, do not forget, above all, to be careful and always workout according to your personal abilities. Music will make your training more pleasant and will help you achieve better results, but you have to make sure you are doing it safely and healthy! 

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