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Attention, we are counting down the days left until Christmas! If you still miss your Christmas spirit, we guarantee that at the end of this article you will hear Christmas bells and even hum to the beat. Why? Because we will dedicate the next lines entirely to the Christmas music that inspires!

It is true that music breathes life into every holiday, but it seems that at Christmas its power and energy are felt stronger than ever. Maybe because Christmas music reminds us of home comfort, it brings us Christmas spirit and seems to carry the true values of the holiday.

It's up to you whether you would enjoy the Christmas music for yourself with your favorite pair of PowerLocus wireless in-ear, over-ear, on-ear models or you will share Christmas inspirations with friends with our PowerLocus Bluetooth speaker. In both cases, we insist you to carefully listen to the songs from the list below. Find out for yourself the power of Christmas music.

An all time Christmas "anthem" worldwide, the eternal hit of the unique Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You - has won its positions. As if in hibernation for the rest of the year, the song patiently waits for its moment to prove us that it occupies a leading position among the Christmas music that inspires. In the past 2019 Mariah Carey made a remake of the song with an up-to-date video, and over the years various collaborations, remixes and covers of the song flooded us with a Christmas mood. One of the most successful of these is Mariah Carey's collaboration with Justin Bieber, which "revived" the reputation of All I Want for Christmas Is You among teenagers and fans of the megastar Justin Bieber.

Another timeless Christmas classic is brought to us by Wham! - Last Christmas. With a slight melancholy note and a 100% recognizability. Nowadays we know different covers of the song by artists like Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor, but did you know that the original of the song is from 1986 ?!

A real christmas magic and recognizable sound is offered by the rhythmic song of Train - Shake Up Christmas. Apart from its modern sound, this song hides the true meaning of Christmas. In its lyrics we could find the sentence of the holiday, spreading true happiness and positive energy.

Pioneers in Christmas music are the classic performances of the songs We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Jingle Bells and Jingle Bell Rock, which can also be heard performed by various artists.

We also shall pay great attention to several Bulgarian songs, with similar power and inspiration to the world-famous ones. Have you heard the Сленг - Едно сърце (Коледа е), Миро и Невена - Всичко, което искам? Actually, there are plenty of Bulgarian Christmas songs in different styles, even though some of them are not that famous. We won't even start with children's songs, because we risk writing an entire music textbook.

Actually, if we think about it, there seems to be not a single Christmas song which does not inspire. The lyrics, the bells and the magic of the Christmas music are simply contagious.

To enjoy the Christmas music that inspires you to the fullest, just grab your favorite model from PowerLocus, to guarantee yourself an impeccable quality and trouble-free operation. Choose your favorite Christmas playlist and let the wireless headphones or PowerLocus Bluetooth speaker do the rest.

For maximum results, add a pair of Christmas stockings, warm milk and a few Christmas lights. :)

With a pair of PowerLocus and carefully selected music playlist you could make a perfect gift for your loved ones for Christmas. This way you will give them real emotion and magic. 

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