5 types of music that are good for productivity

Music has been one of the greatest inventions of all time. Its power and energy can have a huge impact on our emotions and feelings. Music also has a positive effect on our brain . But does music affect our productivity in addition to our feelings? With no doubt we answer YES! The benefits of appropriate style of music in different daily routines s...
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Why is good quality headphones a necessity for 2020

We spend a lot of time with our headphones on, whether it will be for listening to music or listening to our favourite podcast or when we are commuting or while in the office. This is why a good pair of headphones is a must in the 21st century. We would like to share with you what is the must have in quality perspective when choosing your headphone...
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Best Affordable headphones for 2020

2020 is already here and new trends are hiding in every corner. This is why we decided to create a list with the best performing headphones for 2020 with the great value for your money! PowerLocus P2 headphones Тhe P2 headphones are over the ears model of the PowerLocus with a unique colorful design. We created the P2 inspired by the latest design ...
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Active Noise Cancelling technology and how does it work?

As modern people we all know the inconvenience of the surrounding sounds when we want to focus on what we are listening to. Many times ambient sounds can interfere with listening to our favorite music. Busy open office spaces can make it very hard to focus. Luckily, this is when the noise cancelling technology headphones can provide ...
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Sports and Music. PowerLocus supports active and positive life

Our modern lives are always on speed, we are running between daily tasks, offices and jobs. We all are trying to have a satisfying private life and fulfill our family goals as well. We know it is hard to keep the balance and it all can be really devastating. We often lose our path and find ourselves tired, unhappy and drained. This is why we have c...
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Interview with Snezana

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself. What do you do on a regular day? My day starts with coffee and breakfast, goes on with a trip to the office. I spend my whole day at work where it is quite noisy in 90% of the time but my job requires quietness and concentration. Then my day continues with a trip home and immediately after that I run the n...
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Interview with Nina

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself. What do you do on a regular day? My name is Nina, online I'm known as Nina Haveheart. My nickname comes from the name of one of my favorite hardcore bands, quite a few people know this fact. Overall, music has always been one of the most important things in my life and follows me everywhere. My day starts ...
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Evolution of headphones

Headphones are big part of our modern lives. They are all around us, come in all colors and various types. They are easy to find, fun to use and always come in handy. We are so used to have all kinds of headphones available around us that we don't even think about when and how they were invented. Well, stay tuned and check out the next brief facts ...
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How music helps your brain

  How music helps your brain There is one activity on the planet that can make you feel good and happy. This activity makes you smarter and more productive at any age. It is easy to do and pleasurable. Yeah, such thing exists and it is listening to music. Latest studies show that all people around the world respond to music in a universal way....
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  Independientemente de si necesitas tu primer par de auriculares para llevar el entretenimiento un paso más, existen demasiadas marcas y productos que te pueden dejar algo confuso. Siendo esto bastante complicado, existen algunas cosas que te pueden ayudar durante tu búsqueda. Te vamos a mostrar cosas de las cuales deberías prestar más atenci...
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5 things you should consider before buying headphones


Whether you’re shopping for your first pair of headphones or you’re planning to get a new pair to take entertainment a notch higher, there are just too many competing brands and products out there that would possibly leave you confused. As complicated as this can be, there are still a few things that could help your search. We’ll discuss the most important things you should look for when shopping for your next pair of headphones. Let’s talk about what makes great headphones great!

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