Best summer models of wireless headphones in 2021


 We were waiting for it for sooo long and it is finally here - summer 2021! With our favorite season here are the best summer models of wireless headphones in 2021, of course part of the PowerLocus family.

What makes our models a great choice for the summer season? What to start with… for example with an abundance of colors.

  • Summer is the most colorful season of them all, and PowerLocus models will offer you a wide choice of combinations in some of the most trendy colors of the season. PowerLocus P2, for example, is available in combination with orange, which is a hit this season in various fashion looks and accessories. You will also find the same model in a combination of white with violet and beautiful navy white with blue. For lovers of clean colors, we offer another model available entirely in pure white - favorite for the summer months, namely PowerLocus P3 (White).
  • The PowerLocus over ear models have another undeniable advantage that instantly launches them among the best summer models of wireless headphones in 2021 and that is their compactness. All over ear models are foldable and in the various sets you will find a convenient case / storage bag. That makes your favorite model from PowerLocus ideal for any summer trip,they fit even in a handbag, so that they are always close to you. Just like the irresistible MoonFly - Active Noise Canceling headphones in beautiful and fresh rose gold.
  • In order for a model to become one of the best summer models of wireless headphones in 2021, it must be both light and comfortable, even for prolonged use, so as not to create discomfort in the hot hours of the day. Here, the PowerLocus PXL3 in a new summer color is an absolutely unquestionably good choice. The model is an absolute favorite among PowerLocus in ear models and the white color, in which it is available, only strengthens its position among the summer models. Compact and ergonomic, you can easily take the PowerLocus PXL3 with you on the beach or in the mountains to enjoy your favorite music, podcast, and even a phone call.

  • Along with all the above, we should not forget the long battery life, which is also really important for the best summer models of wireless headphones in 2021! During the hot months we enjoy a longer bright part of the day, giving us the opportunity for even more movement, walks and adventures. In these moments it is extremely important to know that we can rely on our favorite model of headphones, and with our MoonFly - Active Noise Canceling headphones уou can use the model with more than 70 hours of listening and speaking time (non-ANC mode). And if your battery is empty, don't worry - the headphones are also equipped with a 3.5 mm cable that you can use at any time.

That's why PowerLocus models can offer you some of the best summer models of wireless headphones in 2021! And the PowerLocus team wishes you an unforgettable and sunny summer, in the company of your loved ones, good music and your favorite model of wireless headphones.

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