Active Noise Cancelling technology and how does it work?

As modern people we all know the inconvenience of the surrounding sounds when we want to focus on what we are listening to. Many times ambient sounds can interfere with listening to our favorite music. Busy open office spaces can make it very hard to focus. Luckily, this is when the noise cancelling technology headphones can provide a more enjoyable listening experience. Noise cancelling headphones come in active and passive types. All headphones are noise cancelling in some way, simply because they block the outside noise in one form or another.
But the real passive noise cancelling headphones use special layers of high-density foam or other sound-absorbing material, which makes them heavier than normal headphones. However the passive noise cancelling headphones do a good job in the last decade better solutions were developed. This is the active noise cancelling technology for headphones. We will look further in the active noise cancelling technology and why it is good for your ears in the long run. The Noise Cancelling technology is not a new one and despite the fact that it was invented and used even in the 20th century reached wider adoption just in the last decade. The
active noise cancelling technology is sound reduction using a power source. So here is how it actually works?

Sound is a wave, which consists of periods of compression and rarefaction following one after the other. A noise-cancellation speaker discharges a sound wave with the same amplitude but with inverted phase to the original sound So, if two sound waves are the exact mirror image of each other, when together they cancel each other out, and the result is no sound. The Noise Cancelling technology actually aims to create a sound wave that is the mirror image of a noise that is played. When both waves are added together the result is no noise. The noise is not merely blocked out; the phenomena is that sound energy is actually eliminated from the environment. The PowerLocus MoonFly have high quality Hi-Fi stereo audio. These beauties will offer you upgraded speakers which sound exactly the same as the triple digit noise cancelling wireless headphones. Deep bass with crystal clear crisp heights make MoonFly bluetooth over-ear headphones terrific for any genre of music! 90° Swiveling Ear Cups provide special comfort when wearing them and their durable structure will impress you anytime they are on your head!
The PowerLocus MoonFly are innovative and comfortable. The MoonFly has a foldable design with completely over the ear super soft earmuffs. They are padded with protein foam and made out of premium looking eco-leather, the earmuffs and headband will be ideal fit for any sport activity. The MoonFly have 90 Degrees Rotating Ear Pads and it is so Easy to have them at your neck anytime if you need to be a part of the outer world again.
The PowerLocus MoonFly simply have endless battery life. The headphones will offer you easy pairing with a single click and ultimate Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to all Bluetooth enabled devices – iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Mp3/Mp4, TV etc. You can use these over ear headphones for weeks without charging with more than 30H battery playtime. Don't worry if your battery is empty, 3.5mm cable is available anytime for endless audio.
Add music to your life. Add comfortable design and perfect audio with the best technology for you to your life. You can simply do that with a new pair of PowerLocus headphones MoonFly!

The headphones that use the active noise cancelling technology include a microphone on the earpiece to detect the incoming sound signals of the external noise of the environment. Say you are in your office, which is an open air one. The micro microphone will detect all the noise from the office space. A circuit will generate the mirror wave on the fly, then will add it into the music signal that is delivered to your ear. The generated sound signal acts to cancel out the background noise from the office. So the result for you will be a better and clearer sound, which in the long run is really healthier for your ears and hearing. Simply because of the high quality sound you do not have to turn it too much and you will not struggle to hear your music or any other audio. This is why we decided to design the PowerLocus MoonFly by giving you the best of the active noise cancelling technology, great design and perfect Hi-Fi sound.

The PowerLocus MoonFly will help you focus on your sound. The MoonFly have a special ANC (Active noise control) technology that will make watching movies, videos and listening to audio books when travelling by train and airplane a great experience! The headphones will provide noise reduction in the cafeteria, open air office or the library making your work more productive. And when you think there is nothing more you need we will surprise you! You can accept phone calls anytime and anywhere with the built-in microphone. 

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