5 types of music that are good for productivity


Music has been one of the greatest inventions of all time. Its power and energy can have a huge impact on our emotions and feelings. Music also has a positive effect on our brain.

But does music affect our productivity in addition to our feelings?

With no doubt we answer YES! The benefits of appropriate style of music in different daily routines such as our office job or doing spots have been scientifically proven.

What are those 5 types of music that positively impact our productivity?

1. Classical music - scientifically proven takes first place. It is a well-known fact that classical music is recommended for pregnant women as its vibrations have a positive effect on babies before they are born. Classical music helps our brain function as it develops different skills and boosts our creativity. So it should come as no surprise that the soothing and precise compositions of Beethoven and Bach will help your productivity to reach new dimensions. Try to compare the classical work of art with the modern design of our stylish PowerLocus P1 Wireless, for an incomparable symbiosis between the latest design trends and timeless classics. The headset offers both the option of connecting with Bluetooth and the option to connect with a cable so you can enjoy the fullest collection of symphonies.

2. Nature Sounds - If you have not yet tried to venture out into a beautiful meadow while being in the office, be sure to do so now with our MoonFly - Active Noise Cancelling. The noise-canceling headset technology contributes to the complete abstraction of any side noise and allows you to fully enjoy the sounds of nature such as waterfalls, "dancing" leaves or sea waves, which can enhance your cognitive skills, while reducing stress and giving you better concentration.

3. Jazz - this style is best fit for creative and calm people. It leaves behind a sense of perfection and kindness. Try listening to jazz with PowerLocus P6 Wireless, for example. The headphones have the softest pads that would go well with the gentle sounds of this style of music, enhancing your concentration and helping you relax when you are overwhelmed by emails and need something to contrast your busy day.

4. Positive music - this is one ambiguous definition. Nothing would boost productivity like a positively charged song. So put on the PowerLocus PLX2, play something that makes you smile and let the work begin! The long battery life, convenient usage and sensation can even make you dance, under the eternal motto "Don't worry, be happy…", thus forgetting your worries and channeling all your energy towards your undertakings.

5. Pop and R&B Music - Nowadays, this is the most up-to-date style of music, especially for the younger generation. For those of you who are dynamic, there is no other style that could be more productive than that. At work, then at school, and after that while doing sports our PFIT wireless headphones will guarantee you the complete freedom to load your daily routine with your favorite music, and be with it while you're on the move. Dynamics like this definitely need the convenience of the best in-ear headsets.

Of course, no one knows better than yourself what style or even what song boosts your productivity. But one thing is for sure, music always helps, and we at PowerLocus have a solution for every taste. 

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