5 timeless summer songs to take anywhere and anytime with PowerLocus


As much as we don't want to admit it, summer is at its end, and along with it we say goodbye to all the freedom and joy it gives us. Before we get too nostalgic, let us aim your attention to 5 timeless summer songs to take anywhere and anytime with PowerLocus.

We won't deny that we drew inspiration for that selection from the world charts of Billboard and Rolling Stones magazine. However, the following selection is entirely author's, and we do not exclude the chance that you might not agree with some of our suggestions. That's why there are only 5 - we leave the rest of them to discover for yourself with your PowerLocus wireless headphones.

  • We start with Los Del Rio - Macarena. We realize that this is a pretty bold start, but even if you don't admit it, we're sure you'll all start singing along as soon as you hear it. The song sounds even more contagious and refreshing in the company of friends. That's why we guarantee that with our portable PowerLocus Blue speaker and the song of Los Del Rio - Macarena you will be in the center of the party. The double bass outputs of the column will reproduce the crystal clear incomparable feeling of the song, which seems to instantly refer to a Brazilian carnival.
  • Let's continue with the slightly more lyrical sound of Christina Aguilera's eternal hit - Genie In A Bottle. Everyone who likes and has ever listened to this song can not help but remember the extremely modern video for its time. The action takes place on an unknown summer night, at a beautiful beach, and Christina Aguilera is, as always, simply dazzling. Therefore, close your eyes and enjoy this song without any unnecessary noise, with the external sound insulation technology of PowerLocus MoonFly - Active Noise Canceling headphones.

  • We could not afford a rank of 5 eternal summer songs without the one of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime. The song is extremely regarching and quickly attracts the attention of all types of music lovers. It doesn't matter if you prefer hip hop or classic. This song somehow enchants everyone instantly and quickly provides a dose of positive summer mood. The song sounds great across all PowerLocus over-ear and in-ear models, as they all provide perfect sound without unnecessary cables. We don't say it by accident, play Summertime and without realizing it you will start dancing to the rhythm of the song.
  • The next suggestion comes with Shakira and the total hit Hips Don't Lie. Extremely rhythmic song that automatically raises the mood. With a pair of PowerLocus PLX3 you can take this emotion anywhere, whatever you do. One an usual idea, but the song is also a great choice for outdoor jogging. It charges positively and fatigue just doesn't seem to exist.

  • Of course we also have a favorite in electronic music and this is Avicii - Wake Me Up. The sound of the song makes it great for travel, sports and all kinds of adventures. The song was a total hit the whole summer during the year of its release, and it became very popular, still remaining the warm days and emotions. Its modern sound is in line with the modern design of PowerLocus P2, with which everyone can enjoy the song.

These are our suggestions for 5 eternal summer songs to take anywhere and anytime with PowerLocus. If you haven't heard them yet, hurry to do so with your choice of wireless PowerLocus headphones. Discover your 5 eternal summer hits and enjoy them all year round.

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