Choose the vision that expresses you

The world is not just black and white. Choose your unique PowerLocus color design and enjoy the music world. Experience joyful moments every time you see your headphones.

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones - MoonFly

Noise cancelling headphones that will block the outer noise, so you can listen to your music clearly, without any distractions.

Be unique - PowerLocus colorful design

Inspired by the latest design trends, we designed PowerLocus to provide you with unique outlook and uplift you every time you wear them. Catch the eye with our uniqueness and trendy style.
PowerLocus P3

Discover the sound
of happiness

You knew we delivered on performance. But you wanted that performance to be wireless—for every type of headphone.

John bluetooth headphones for sport

Feel the magic of every single song with our bluetooth headphones. Equipped with the latest CSR chipset technology, the sound will be adapted to match the genre of the track you are listenning to.

PowerLocus P6

Wireless and Wired, Micro SD and FM radio
Unmatchable Sound quality, Aesthetical design - Wireless and Wired, Micro SD and FM radio.


09 June 2021
 We were waiting for it for sooo long and it is finally here - summer 2021! With our favorite season here are the best summer models of wireless headphones in 2021, of course part of the PowerLocus family.What makes our models a great choice for...
09 June 2021
Probably most of you have already made your plans for the summer and can no longer wait for the upcoming free time for vacations and summer adventures. We at PowerLocus are ready too, and most importantly, we are ready to give you even more freedom a...
12 April 2021
It is no surprise that listening to music during workout makes it even more pleasant and rewarding, no matter what sport you choose to practice. Most often, your favourite music for sport is included in your favorite playlist, but today we will add 7...


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