The new PowerLocus PW4 Smart Watch


Are you looking for a comfortable fitness watch, suitable for everyday adventures and resistant to various conditions? No need to search anymore, because the new smart watch PowerLocus PW4 is already here and is ready to give you everything you need!

The new model of PowerLocus smartwatches has an excellent design, useful functionalities and full water resistance. The smart watch is made entirely of high quality materials for long life, combined with a comfortable and practical design, suitable for men and women of different ages. 

The new PowerLocus PW4 smartwatch has a 1.54-inch full touchscreen display and adjustable brightness for optimal picture. In addition to high sensitivity, just like the other smartwatches from PowerLocus, PW4 also offers a wide selection of displays that you can change according to your personal mood, travel destinations or simply according to your outfit. The model is universally compatible, so you can pair it with any device with iOS and Android via Bluetooth, with easy connectivity and a huge wireless range - up to 10 m.

With the new PowerLocus PW4 you can receive every message from Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, as well as you can close / mute incoming calls at any time. Switching vibrations will always notify you, so you will never miss anything important. During sports, walks or even shopping, this feature guarantees exceptional convenience and advantage of the watch.

Receiving various notifications is just the beginning of the long list of useful features that you get with the new PowerLocus PW4 smartwatch. The model also has the option to control your music playlist, chronometer, heart rate measurement, blood pressure and pedometer. And that's not all. With PowerLocus PW4 you can also monitor the quality of your sleep, as the model is equipped with a sensor that shows deep and light sleep. And for trouble-free waking up in the morning, you can set an alarm on your PowerLocus PW4 Smart Watch.

The model is equipped with 7 multi-sport modes to measure the results of your workouts during different sports, prefered by men and women. This feature is extremely useful for active athletes, allowing a detailed picture of the entire workout, including burned calories, workout duration, distance etc. And while more professional athletes can monitor and improve their results, for beginners this feature can serve as a motivation to constantly improve their results and have a more active lifestyle. All this makes the new PowerLocus PW4 smartwatch a faithful helper in a healthier lifestyle.

The model has an effective battery life, so you can easily carry it for 8 to 10 days, with one fast magnetic charging in less than 1 hour. This way, your smartwatch will stay in full condition not only during a standard workout, but also during various trips and even longer adventures. We guarantee the quality and excellent performance of our new PowerLocus PW4 smartwatch,so in addition to all of the above, you also receive a 24-month full warranty!

The smart watch is an excellent investment not only for yourself, but also as a gift for your loved ones. Make someone happy with the new PowerLocus PW4 smartwatch or just get one yourself. See for yourself its quality and convenience. We guarantee that the smartwatch will quickly become your faithful partner, not only in sports activities, but also in your daily routine.

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