New product: PowerLocus Bluetooth speaker


You can now share your favorite music with family and friends with our brand new product - the PowerLocus portable Bluetooth speaker!

Enjoy together the 5 types of music that are good for productivity and prove to everyone that listening to music during a workout improve the results from it. With the new PowerLocus Bluetooth speaker, you have unlimited freedom to share what you listen to among nature, in a company of friends or just to show your neighbors what good music actually sounds like.

So what makes the new PowerLocus Bluetooth speaker unique? Hmm, whereshould we start…

Tiny musical "beast". The PowerLocus Bluetooth speaker is easily portable, does not take up much space and weighs as much as a bottle of water. It attaches easily to a backpack, has a simple design and can be anywhere with you no efforts. Still, its potential is quite similar to the one professional equipment provides.

Improved bass quality and strength. Those of you who own a pair of PowerLocus wireless headphones are aware of the sound quality that our products offer. Well, our new product - Bluetooth speaker PowerLocus has improved quality and bass strength. Dual bass outputs and speakers with clear highs combined with extended pitch and sensitivity ensure a real Hip Hop feeling and even more. Any type of music played on the speaker can make you feel like attending a live concert.

Fast and universal connection to any Bluetooth device. No more annoying cables! Our portable speaker is a great solution for a garden party, a trip with tents, and on the beach where it creates an even more blissful feeling. The wireless connection distance is up to 12 meters, so you can dance as if no one is watching you, although that means moving away a little. Of course, we have thought of everything so even if you do not have iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, you can use the speaker with the output of a 3.5 mm AUX cable.

IPX6 Waterproof. Don't worry about your new PowerLocus Bluetooth speaker when attending a pool party or spring rains surprise you! The speaker is completely waterproof and will withstand any extreme conditions. We guarantee its reliable quality and stand by our words, giving you a full guarantee of 24 months.

Have fun with friends and forget about time. The new Bluetooth PowerLocus speaker battery life stands for up to 15 hours. The speaker has an extremely economical consumption, suitable for long summer days and nights, even during the wildest party. Travel, have fun, and play sports with your loved ones, sharing your favorite music!

Well, we hope we've been able to recreate with words how cool our new Bluetooth speaker is. Yet, the best for you to find out that is try it yourself. Choose the location and gather all your friends to let the powerful bass free. We promise you will not regret it. 

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